Saving Hearts was founded in 2014 after our family suffered the loss of Shane Heyn to suicide. Everyone seems to have their own suicide story and ours started in December of 2012. Shane was one of the strongest men in our family and it hurts us deeply to know he was hurting so bad and felt suicide was the only way to solve the pain. Shane was an amazing, loving, kind man and we had no idea he was suffering.


Saving Hearts was formed to Save the Hearts of people who believe their lives aren't worth living and think suicide is the answer. We also want to Save the Hearts of people like us who are left behind not understanding what happened.


We decided we needed to take action and do our best to help those hurting and help them to realize that their life is precious to so many.


We need to help others see what it means to be loved and wanted. We also want to help to break the silence about mental illness. Banding together with others that have suffered losses and working together for prevention has been such a help in the process of understanding and healing from these tragic events. It should not be something that is swept under the rug and hidden from others. Help is out there and we should never give up HOPE.


It is also our goal to raise money along with awareness for suicide prevention. If we can touch one life, save one heart, save one person from committing this heart breaking act, Shane's death and all those we gather to remember were not in vain.

Sharing Hearts is dedicated in honor to all of our loved ones we have lost to suicide. If you or someone you know has been affected by this kind of tragedy, we ask you to bring a photo and a short caption to our event. We will keep all the photos for future years or you will be free to take your memory home.